About Empower Fitness

Personal training. You need it but you can’t afford it. Wrong.  We create custom fitness solutions tailored for every budget, schedule and physical capacity.

We’re a small training facility situated in the south-east end of Ottawa (1km from the Walkley exit of the Queensway). We specialize in individual training, micro-group fitness, athletic preparation and even powerlifting. Our mandate is to cater to those who feel they’ve achieved a level in their physical training that warrants more than what “big box clubs” can offer in terms of specialized equipment and most importantly, atmosphere. Because we are not constrained by the organizational rigidity of large fitness centres, we can create unique programs to match how much you want to spend and how much time you have.   We are looking for individuals, regardless of their goals or ambitions, who want to get down to business. Our efforts are focused on traditional, time-tested training methods such as progressive resistance training, yoga and interval training.  Our team of fitness professionals features individuals with very diversified backgrounds and approaches.  We make a point to empower our trainers by maintaining their independance. Our trainers are not “hired” as they are associates that run their own personal training operations.  So even if  our format is not for everybody, we have something for anybody who feels they are ready to do what it takes to achieve their fitness, performance or health potential. Most importantly, we have something for every budget.