For Personal Trainers

In 2010 it became apparent that the fitness industry, big box gyms in particular, required personal trainers to sign contracts that essentially controlled their activities in the fitness industry.  These legally binding agreements stipulated that trainers couldn’t work outside of the confines of their fitness centres/ organizations and often included non-sollicitation clauses (you can’t invite you clients if you’re going elsewhere) and even non-competition clauses (if you leave you can’t work as a trainer within so many kilometers of the fitness club).  Some of those clauses wouldn’t hold up in court.  The sad truth is that with the percentages of training fees paid by most clubs, no trainer can afford to go to court.

As a response to these limiting circumstances, we’ve created Empower Fitness where you’re free to work where you want and charge what you want. We want you to build your own business as you see fit. We do not hire trainers. We do not make you sign a contract. We do not charge any fees to your clients. Here, you run your own business.

So how does it work? We charge you 22$+hst per hour you train in the facility. If you perform group activities we charge you 5$ per participant or 20$, which ever is the largest. We invoice all of our trainers at the end of each month based on the activities they performed here. You are required to sign-in at every visit and for each client/group you trained on that date.  You will also be provided with the possibility to access the club at any time you require to train your clients.

It is absolutely necessary for you to have your own liability insurance, as Empower Fitness does not insure trainers. You will be running your own business after all…

That being said, we are here to assist you if you feel you need it, particularly in the early stages of your operation.  Please feel free to contact me and find out how easy it is for you to finally “go on your own”.



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