About Eric

The creation of Empower Fitness was the logical step in a sequence  of events that began on Christmas day of 1981 when I found a York plastic weight set under the tree.  At first I wanted to lift weights for football or was it to “not have sand kicked in my face”…I can’t remember.  I was 13 years old.  Football eventually was replaced by track and field and kept me busy for the next ten years during which I also attained a B.Sc. human kinetics from the University of Ottawa (initiated at the University of Waterloo).  After participating in the canadian track and field championships 3 times (and once in the Canada Games) a shoulder injury put a end to that endeavour.  In 1998, C.S.C.S. certfication was obtained which implies that I can read any book in exercise science. That very same year I participated in the Canadian Olympic Weightlifting Championships in what turned out to be my lone appearance on the national scene in that sport. 1999 marked the beginning of my powerlifting career that led me to 3 world championships participation (and counting).

I spent the major part of the 90′s and of the new millenium working in a large fitness centre as a personal trainer and also as a facility manager at times.  This invaluable experience led me to starting my own business in the format of a small specialized facility. Since the university degree and the CSCS certification I’ve taken many courses and seminars…too many to list.  I fully realize that I’m a “lifer” and that I will very likely spend the greater balance of my life in a fitness facility.