So it’s been 9 years already since Empower Fitness opened it’s doors. It’s been a “two steps forward, one step back” process as anticipated. However, we are still here and growing! Our plan was and still is to “empower” personal trainers to operate their own business as opposed to the “technician” role they are proposed by most clubs. True career fitness professionals do not want to be mere representatives of a greater entity like a large fitness chain or, even worse, the property of a celebrity trainer. These environments are great to start with but one quickly realizes that sustained growth will be difficult, both financial and professional.  The trainers that operate from here are as diverse as they come. Every sphere of the fitness industry has a proponent at Empower.  We’ve got someone for you whether your goals are aesthetic enhancement, health or athletic performance.  If you are looking for the unique combination of professional experience AND affordability…come check us out.